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AS Adventure

Since 1995, AS Adventure has been making sure that people don’t just stick to dreaming about adventures. From outdoors, winter sports, running and cycling to activewear, beach and fashion. We like to help you embrace new and amazing outdoor experiences. Both close to home and far away, on the smallest and greatest of occasions. Adventure is everywhere.

Avontuur is géén bestemming of activiteit. Het is een positieve manier om bewuster met het leven om te gaan. Durven afwijken van het schijnbaar veilige pad en doorlopend nieuwe dingen ontdekken. In alle aspecten van het leven. Want “Adventure is everywhere”.

Hé, blader je even mee? Feature in het AS Magazine (november 2019).

Women Who Drone

Women Who Drone is a global network of experienced, licensed and insured drone pilots, based in New York City.

Women Who Drone is an online platform and community that inspires, educates and empowers women and girls with drone technology.

Elena Buenrostro

Less than 6% of Certified Drone Pilots in the U.S. and Belgium are women. Today, drone technology is being used as a tool not only in the creative industry, but also in the commercial, agricultural and architectural spaces. From capturing your next vacation and real estate content to inspecting crops and roofs, drones are here to stay and we are not going to let women fall behind in this new and evolving industry. While we inspire and educate all genders, we passionately advocate for women by providing inspiration, education and career opportunities in this growing field.  Women Who Drone is an online platform and community that inspires, educates and empowers women and girls with drone technology. 

INSPIRE: to inspire with our stories, content and community of women and mentors who are using drone technology around the world. 

EDUCATE: to educate with drone programs including creative one on one lessons, workshops, online courses and school curriculum that teaches people about drone technology, safety and regulations.

EMPOWER: to empower with a global network of like minded individuals and prospective career opportunities.

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